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Five Best Street Food in Yogyakarta

Five best street food in Yogyakarta

The easiest way to identify the authentic food of every place in the city is by tasting street food. 

There's a culture of eating outside, drinking outside, hanging out outside. Street food is a portal to a world of culinary heritage. 

People that are famous for selling street food, are doing the same dish for over 10, 20, or even 50 years. And better yet, they never went to culinary school. 

In a city of 10 million people, almost one million make a living by selling on the street. It takes a lot of strain and a lot of sacrifices. 

Street food is what brings us together. It's where we find a commonplace. Now it's our time to celebrate it and share it with the rest of the world. In this post, I will only focus on street food that is best known in Yogyakarta. I will next cover the other cities in Indonesia, wish me luck and support by leaving comments, or even share to other people if you find this post helpful. 

Lupis Mbah Satinem

Our first stop is Mbah Satinem Lupis.
You have to wake up super early to come here otherwise you are running the risk of her selling out. She has been making her legendary Lupis for decades, and that is not a surprise when Netflix came and filmed her story on Netflix Street food series. 

You can see a massive crowd of people queuing to buy lupis from as early as 5.30pm. People waiting to buy here is given a queuing number so that everybody will be served accordingly. 

Lupis is a simple dish of only three ingredients. A compressed sticky rice cake, a little bit coconut shavings, and then a drenched of liquid palm sugar complete the final blow each chunk of lupis. 
Five best street food in yogyakarta

Once you got the taste of it, you will remark it as the taste of Central Java especially Yogyakarta. It's nice and sweetness comes from the palm sugar. With a little bit of tartness and refreshingly coconut shavings, all of them melted in your mouth. 

You don't want to waste any of the palm sugar because that is where the magic happens.

 It really is, I've been living in Java for almost 20 years, and I can tell you that the secret of a brilliant serving lupis comes from its palm sugar. You can't have them too sweet and not too sour, it's very difficult for someone to combine a perfect taste of lupis if you don't try from the best first.


Our next dish is the quintessential Yogyakarta dish called Gudeg, which is a young jackfruit stewed with palm sugar and coconut and it's served with rice and a few other things. 

The main taste of gudeg is sweet and sour, you can choose to have a spicey version or non-spicy version. 

Actually, there are two kinds of Gudeg; one is Gudeg Solo type and the other is Gudeg Jogja. Both of them have the same ingredients, the only difference is that gudeg Jogja typically served dry without coconut sauced milk, while gudeg solo is typically served with sauced, so it's wetter. 

In a complete dish of gudeg, there are several things served along with rice, those are the sweet-jackfruit which so-called 'gudeg', a stewed egg or a chicken, 'krecek' which is a traditional Javanese cattle skin spicy stew dish. And a little bit of coconut sauced milk. 
five best street food in yogyakarta

There are many famous places of gudeg you may find in Yogyakarta. So many places that perhaps I can make this report in a different post. But to name one, you can try Gudeg Yu Djum located in Jl. Wijilan no.167. 

Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Located in the countryside of Yogyakarta there is a famous dish made with a grilled catfish. 
When you come to this place, you can feel the setting here is very rural, they've got a couple pet goats and a smoking station where they're smoking all of those catfish. 

There must be at least eighty to a hundred catfish and they're using coconut husks to smoke those away. And when you get into the kitchen you can see they're cooking on a wood fire. Checking out on the table they have tons of chilies. Red chilies, orange chilies, green chilies, yellow chilies, so many chilies. 

Mangut lele is a smoked catfish served in a spicy broth. So if you are a chili-person, this is a dish that worth trying even it's located up in the countryside of Yogyakarta. 
So once you are here, check out to the kitchen where you're going to serve yourself some of the dishes. They have a few pre-cooked meals as well as that mangut lele. These pre-cooked meals are then assembled as you wish, they will give you the empty bowl so that you can take the rice by yourself, and then you can bring it to the restaurant and have the meal there. 
Five best street food in yogyakarta

Normally one dish of Mangut Lele consists of several meals like tofu and tempeh, and then some sprouts with cucumbers and some greens, and of course, the skewered and smoked catfish coated in sambal. A ton of sambals.

The look of the meal is somewhat intimidating from the amount of chili they used. But after you try your first bite, they are not so intimidating. It's a slow-releasing spice that you can exactly feel on after-taste meal. 

Bakmi Jawa Mbah Hadi

Located in Jl. C Simanjutak no.1C, Terban - Yogyakarta. You definitely would not expect to find this restaurant in back of a gas station. It's quite traditional they have a street food cart that's parked here permanently and they are serving Bakmi Jawa which is Javanese style noodles.

They have a couple of different things on their menu but particularly I would suggest trying Bakmi Jawa, as this is the famous traditional street food around here. 

They're cooking it all on charcoal open flame which makes the flavor unique and different when you try to cook on a regular stove. 

When you order Bakmi Jawa, they will first start with some garlic, some oil, and then they add some mixture of vegetables, tomatoes, chives, and chicken. And then they add in a duck egg, a mixture of two noodles and there you have your Bakmi Jawa. 
Five best street food in Yogyakarta

Expect to wait for around 30 to 40 minutes because they are making this one by one on that charcoal fire. 

At first impression, it looks absolutely incredible. You can see that fresh chicken, tomatoes, and there are two types of noodles, one is thin and the other is thicker noodles. Some fried shallots on top and then there is a nice duck egg and the smell is somehow rising your appetite. 

It is really satisfying to try Bakmi Jawa Mbah Hadi. The chicken is really tender, it's got a firmness yet it still falls apart in your mouth and then the flavor of the broth is really garlicky. 

Right on every table, there's a big jug of pickles that contain mostly cucumbers in it. Try incorporating these pickles with a spoon of your Bakmi Jawa, and you can find a dance of eternity in your mouth. 

Ronde Mbah Paiyem

Continuing our trip after your garlicky bowl of noodle soup, you would probably have to try the dessert here called "Ronde" on Kauman Mbah Paiyem. 

It is particularly famous here in Yogyakarta. Mbah Paiyem sells her Ronde on this little stall, and it hasn't changed after years. On this little stall, there's a candle light inside a glass pipe. This is an old and antique light called 'teplok', the people in Java used to have this when electricity is not available in the country. 
Five best street food in yogyakarta

Mbah Paiyem, the name of the old lady selling Ronde, is serving ronde starting from 6PM until it sells out. Ronde is best served at night because it can warm up your body temperature as it contains ginger in it. It is a simple dish with some unique ingredients like Palmyra seeds (the pink kind of jelly looking things) which have been sliced and then marinated with a little bit of food coloring. 

And then the ultimate ingredient of a one dish of Ronde is a couple of rice ball that is stuffed with peanuts and some toasted peanuts floating around. This is all served in a hot soup with a strong flavor of ginger. 

It is very traditional dessert and very unique, it is a perfect dish to have on a cool atmosphere at night.

You have to try one of these when you come to Central Java, especially Yogyakarta. There are also a lot of stalls in many places around that sell Ronde, but Ronde Mbah Paiyem is just the King Of Ronde.  

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