Rumah Atsiri: House of Pure Essential Oil Indonesia

house of pure essential oil indonesia

There is a new destination in eco-tourism in Central Java which offers you a different way to enjoy the scenery of many flowers on a plateau.

It's more like an interactive theme park where you can learn to make your own pure essential oils. Yes--it's an oil made from flower essences that can bring advantages to our body systems.

The venue is called Rumah Atsiri, located in Karanganyar, Central Java. To be precise is in Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu district - Karanganyar, Central Java. You can reach the location from Solo, the nearest major city within an hour more or less.

The easiest route to reach Rumah Atsiri is by the main road of Karanganyar - Tawangmangu. As soon as you enter Tawangmangu district, watch for a road sign on the left that leads the way to Rumah Atsiri.

Before becoming what it is today, Rumah Atsiri is an essential oil processing factory that was founded in 1967. The factory, which is a collaboration between Indonesia and Bulgaria, processes essential oils from the main ingredient of citronella.

Now, this location is an educational recreation area with the main focus on education, research, development, and recreation about essential oils.

At the present time, Rumah Atsiri is owned by an Architect--Paulus Mintarga. He renovated with good building conservation techniques so that building assets characterized by European architecture still exist.
house of pure essential oil indonesia

Things You Can Do In Rumah Atsiri

There are various things you can do when you go to Rumah Atsiri. First of all, a tour guide will accompany you and answer all the questions you want to ask regarding organic essential oils. So, as you can imagine, the tour guide will explain the name of flowers that you see with their potentials along your way.

As I can note there are at least 50 types of essential oil plants here in Rumah Atsiri. Some of them can be directly smelled on site, such as Rosemary flower that you can get the scent by touching it. Or lemongrass and eucalyptus that you can smell by squeezing their leaves.

Essential oils can also be produced from the root part of the plants. This type of essential oils doesn't have a typical aromatic fragrance like one that derived from the leaf part. Example of this plant is Jeringau.

pure essential oil indonesia

If you are a selfie-hunting person, you can take pictures with the crowd of bright-colored flowers like Marigold. Visitors have their favorite spot inside the Marigold Plaza where it stocked full of blooming golden and yellowish Marigold.

Opening Hours & Facilities

Rumah Atsiri opens from 9AM to 5PM. Facilities they offer comprise from restaurants, flower museum, souvenir stores, open theatre, meeting halls, and last but not least is the glasshouse.

Usually, the guide begins from garden tour, where the visitor will be introduced to the building functions and little know-how techniques such as oil distillations and how to produce good essential oils.

Later on, visitors are invited to walk across the flyover where we can observe the vast greenery, continue to the restaurant and tasting local foods and some various drinks menu which have a mixture of flower essences.

The main event is an experiment class for the visitor and divided into kids class and the adult class. Pieces of equipment are provided by them such as goggles, aprons, chemical ingredient oils, and etc. The most fun part is when we were shown how to make a "bath bomb".

Concept of Sustainable Tourism Development

Rumah Atsiri is being one example from the local authority of Sustainable tourism development. It brings up the concept of 3P: People, Planet, and Prosperity.

On a small scale what is clearly seen is how to preserve the architectural heritage of the original building. How to minimize the destruction of the new renovation process and maximize the functions without sacrificing a lot of land area.

While on the larger scales is to have a purpose how can Rumah Atsiri be benefited to the surrounding area. To give the society skillful training on how to make a good quality product, not merely essential oils but also food products.

Sustainable tourism development in a simple way can be defined as an act of tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meeting the needs of visitors, industry, the environment, and the local community.

pure essential oil indonesia

pure essential oil indonesia

pure essential oil indonesia

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