Next Step To Getting Married In Bali

How to getting married in bali
Legal Wedding Event Requirements in Bali

Getting married in Paradise Island-Bali will become your most extraordinary memory in your life story.

Your marriage will be blessed by the spiritual power of the island which expectedly brings your relationship long-lasting.

Once you chose to get wed and conduct your wedding in Bali which is worldly known as the island of paradise, a number of legal files are required to be prepared by the groom and bride as COMPULSORY administrative requirements that officially stated by Government of Bali including:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate or Record of Birth
  2. Copy of Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
  3. Copy of Passport (For Immigrant) or Copy of identity card of KTP (For Indonesian)
  4. Copy of Divorce Certificate (if you are separated) or Decree Absolute.
  5. Copy of Celibacy Certificate (if you are Indonesian) or widely understood as Unmarried, a certificate that typically issued by the Head of Village (Kepala Desa) and must be legalized or seen by the authority of the Sub-district officer (Kecamatan).
  6. If you are a foreign person to marry Indonesian, please extremely note that some Heads of Town in Indonesia typically obligate the foreign bride-to-be and groom to prepare a Police Record prior to authorizing Arrangement of Parents for the Marriage as needed to complete legal marital relationship requirements.

Please extremely keep in mind that your marriage CAN NOT BE SOLEMNISED unless all such compulsory requirements met! Therefore, it is greatly recommended to arrange all those files ahead of time at least one or 2 months prior to your wedding time because it will take some times to organize them all.

These files will be equated into Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) by a SWORN and CERTIFIED translator.

This implies that the translation/Target Language shall be signed and stamped by the translator that registered in Indonesian government offices.

Please keep in mind that the original files shall exist prior to the Indonesian authorities during the solemnization. Please do seek advice from your wedding organizer to assist you in preparing the official translations.

These are additional information for a legal wedding in Bali issued by respected countries:

For Australian citizen, please READ HERE.

For United States citizen, please READ HERE.

For British citizen, please READ HERE.

how to getting married in Bali

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  1. Lovely! The idea of getting hitched in Bali is fascinating. :)


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