How To Getting Married in Bali

getting married in bali

Fill your senses with eternal skies over endless sea view and warm breezes that kiss your skin like silk. When shimmering sunsets give way to desert moons and infinite stars, another perfect day is done.

Picture a marriage ceremony in Bali, the astonishing sun-kissed bride, white sand seashores and jaw-dropping landscapes. The truth is that it's real, it does occur and it might probably occur for you. Before you rush into planning your dream wedding, there is a heap of issues to assume about resembling location, weather, legalities, and vendors.


Bali sits simply south of the equator. So you can anticipate a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around. Bali has two primary distinct seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Historically, the variation in weather condition has influenced the pricing structures for accommodation and other services. In reality, a lot of businesses base their prices on three main seasons in Bali:

  • Peak Season dates are December 21st till January 10th. This period has the big holidays such as Christmas and New Year.
  • High Season dates are July 1st till 31st, September 1st till 15th. This period tends to have less or no rain.
  • Low Season dates are January 11th up until June 30th (omitting Chinese New Year and Easter Week).

You can see differences of approximately 50% in between low and high seasons and as much as 30% between high and peak seasons. Low and high seasons were initially in place because of the difference in between dry and rainy seasons. Nevertheless, we are now seeing less and fewer differences as climate change is causing the seasons to merge.

So, if you are seeking to save expenses by scheduling during the low season dates, you have more of a chance of striking lucky and delighting in a rain totally free, bright big day than ever before. You might also wish to remove the impact of rain by utilizing a special tent or a rain stopper.

Unless you have your heart set on a particular date, we advise avoiding peak season months due to the very obvious cost hikes.
getting married in bali

Wedding Venue

After the gown, this is normally the next crucial choice to make for the bride. Bali provides many choices for wedding places it can appear overwhelming initially. To make it simple, you can put wedding event venues into 4 main classifications:
  • Villa Weddings
  • Hotel/ Resort Weddings
  • Chapel Wedding events
  • Beach Weddings
  • Other Wedding events (for example, Temple, Jungle, Yacht)

One typical mistake that numerous couples make is believing that a person type of wedding place is less expensive than another. Wedding event expenses depend more on the scale and type of ceremony you are considering.

How to get married in Bali: the legalities

You can pick to have a symbolic event and do the legal things in your own country, or you can go the entire method and make it legit in Bali. It is very possible to get married lawfully in Bali for the huge majority of couples.

There are a few hoops that you need to jump through before you can go on with the event. Numerous files require to be provided at least 2 months prior to the wedding date along with payment (around $700 to $1,000 depending upon your nationality).

Most couples prefer to leave the legal to their home nation and delight in a symbolic ceremony with the nearest and dearest in Bali. Somewhat less hassle and likewise allows you to welcome individuals you actually want there!

Wedding coordinator or not?

The majority of people are skeptical of any type of 'agent', seeing a middle guy as unneeded and pricey. Whilst this may hold true in many cases, a wedding event planner can be an extremely helpful partner as you wade through the reams of information, concepts, and planning included in organizing a wedding abroad.

Using a wedding planner can-in fact, save your cost as they will have the ability to negotiate much better offers in your place. They can likewise push for more versatility with particular locations. Chapel or Hotel wedding events tend to be extremely rigid, just permitting you to utilize their all-inclusive packages with set suppliers.

Nevertheless, a wedding coordinator is likely to have a handle such locations that enable you to pick your own vendors, so you won't need to jeopardize on quality upon price.

Wedding event suppliers

If you choose to do it yourself and not use a wedding event organizer, you will require to handle each vendor individually. You will find stacks of business in Bali that offer wedding venues, catering, florist, stylists, photographers and so on.

The wedding market in Bali has progressed and it is easy to discover companies that can deliver what you need as you fit the pieces of your wedding event together. Discovering a quality one that offers you precisely what you want will be more of a difficulty.

Don’t be tricked by pretty sites, get down to the nitty-gritty and check out their portfolios and testimonials. This is evidence of their experience. Also, make certain that they belong to the Bali Wedding Association (BWA).

This will help to limit your search and guarantee that they are genuine. Offer yourself plenty of time to do the research study as you won't be dissatisfied on your special day!.

So, are you ready to get married in Bali?. Read the next article of how to prepare documents in THIS article.

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