Dictionary of Things To Do In Jakarta

If you are planning to stay for a while at Jakarta, there are countless interesting places that worth to visit. I mean if you only stay for a day or a short term visit, this dictionary of activity will not be finished in a week. Here is the list of things to do in Jakarta that you want to take into consideration when in Jakarta.

Since there are so many captivating attractions around Jakarta; you need to arrange your time to discover and enjoy the best of Jakarta at your convenient schedule. Jakarta is known for the high traffic jam and you don't want to spend the half-day of your time on the street.

You can start exploring the city by learning the ins and outs major highways, taking a stroll around your neighborhood is also a good idea. Walk along the city roads is a safe option when you are in the downtown area. I personally find this is the best thing to relax my mind as today Jakarta has much better pedestrian-friendly than 5 years ago.

Go Shopping

Shopping is the favorite's local activity, especially at malls. As far as my mall-shopping experience in Indonesia, Jakarta has the best entertainment shopping malls after Surabaya and Medan. Those two largest cities in Indonesia also offer a shopping experience that combines entertainment centers with food courts, restaurants, and indoor recreations facilities such as cinemas. But Jakarta is way much better and sophisticated.

Grand Indonesia Mall

Probably the most famous shopping mall in Jakarta. Inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2007, this mall has two major department store anchors which are Seibu from Japan and Central from Thailand.

Things to do in Jakarta - grand indonesia shopping mall

Grand Indonesia shopping malls consist of 3 areas; West mall, East mall, and a sky bridge that connect the two areas. The sky bridge available in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3A, and 5th floor. There is a huge food court that initially located in 3rd floor and now is being relocated on the 5th floor that can hold visitor up to 800 persons. The name is changed to Food Print that previously called Food Louver.

things to do in Jakarta - food print hall

The next mall destination is Mall Taman Anggrek where you can enjoy pretty large ice skating rink. As the name refers a kind of flower, "Anggrek" is an orchid, it was actually derived from a real orchid garden which occupied the building site prior to construction.

Mall Taman Anggrek is the largest shopping mall in Indonesia, at 1996 it was the largest in Southeast Asia. It has eight residential towers at the center of the building and a total building area of 360,000 m2. Well, I think having an afternoon walk from the ground floor to the 5th floor is enough for my cardio.

Another shopping mall that has a decent ice skating rink is Pondok Indah Mall, located in South Jakarta. PIM or Pondok Indah Mall was the first luxurious mall that was built in 1991, it was first built to aimed the expatriates and the middle to the upper-class economic citizen of Jakarta.

Here is the complete list of the shopping malls in Jakarta:
Jakarta Utara
Baywalk Pluit – Emporium Pluit Mall – ITC Mangga Dua -  Kelapa Gading Trade Centre – La Piazza – Mall Artha Gading – Mall Kelapa Gading – Mall Mangga Dua – Mall of Indonesia – Mall SunterPasar Pagi Mangga DuaPluit Junction – Pluit Village – Sports Mall Kelapa Gading – WTC Mangga Dua
Jakarta Selatan
Bintaro Plaza – Blok M Plaza – Blok M Square – Cilandak Town Square – City Walk SudirmanCiputra World Jakarta – Epicentrum Walk RasunaGandaria City – ITC Ambassador – ITC Fatmawati – ITC Kuningan – ITC Permata HijauKuningan City – Lippo Mall Kemang – Mal Ambassador – Mall Blok M – Mal Cilandak – Mal KalibataMelawai Plaza – Pacific Place – Pejaten Village – Plaza Semanggi – Mal Pondok Indah – Setiabudi One
Jakarta Barat
Central Park Jakarta – Glodok Plaza – Harco GlodokLindeteves Trade Centre – Lippo Mall PuriLokasari Plaza – Mall Ciputra Jakarta – Mall Daan Mogot – Mall Puri Indah – Mall Taman Anggrek – Mall Taman PalemRatu Plaza – Seasons City – Slipi Jaya Plaza – St.MorisSrengseng Juction
Jakarta Pusat
Dusit Mangga Dua – Ex Plaza Indonesia – FX Plaza Indonesia – Gajah Mada Plaza – Grand Indonesia – Harco Mas Mangga Dua – ITC Cempaka Mas – ITC Roxy Mas – Mall Mangga DuaMangga Dua Square – Menteng Plaza – MGK Kemayoran – Plaza Atrium Senen – Plaza Indonesia – Plaza Kenari Mas – Plaza SenayanPusat Grosir Tanah Abang – Roxy Square – Senayan City – Thamrin City
Jakarta Timur
Arion Mall – Buaran Plaza – Cibubur Junction – Cipinang Indah Mall – Lippo Plaza Kramat Jati – Mall Ciputra Cibubur – Mall Citra Klender – Mall CijantungPulogadung Trade Centre – Pusat Grosir CililitanRawamangun Square – Tamini Square

Gastronomy in Jakarta

Jakarta has a lot to offer to you when it comes to food. I guarantee that you will soon start craving the delicacy of Indonesian food that begins from Jakarta. If you're not into the Indonesian original food, then you can easily find almost every cuisine from around the world: Chinese food, Japanese food, American food, French food, Italian food, and even Indian food.

If you are a food lover, you will soon be married to their cuisines!. Totally easy to find food in every corner of the city. Moreover, if you're quite lazy just to go out, order it online via GoJek or Grab Food app, it will show you a list of popular food and drink options from many restaurants within 6km around you.

GoFood and GrabFood is a new hype to Indonesian youngster. Apparently, this startup developer has been showing successful progress to catch the consumptive habits in the big cities.

But while you're in Jakarta, it is not a bad idea to taste some of the local traditional food of Jakarta:

Kerak Telor

It's popular among any other streetfood especially when you are in Jakarta--it's like the signature of Jakarta's street food.

things to do in Jakarta-kerak telor

Commonly sold in food peddlers, kerak telor has its main ingredients of eggs, glutinous rice, and "serundeng" or fried shredded coconut. You can then add the toppings of fried shrimps or fried shallot. Don't forget to add spices to complete the flavor, which is garlic, fresh chili, pepper, salt, ginger, and sugar.

Please note, this dish is not commonly eaten with rice. People just straightly eat it after cooking, so it's more like a snack rather than a meal.

Soto Betawi

Soto is one of the common dishes in entire Indonesia. It's like a soup filled with chicken meat or beef meat. Depending on what region you are, Soto has its own type of taste. And in this case, Soto Betawi is the authentic cuisine of Jakarta.

It consists of beef, tomato, and fried potato cooked in a coconut milk broth. If you have already tasted Soto from other regions of Indonesia, this Soto Betawi is different. It has a deep savory and slightly creamy taste, just perfect for rainy days to warm your belly.

Soto betawi - things to do in Jakarta

As I have mentioned before, there are numerous kind of foods in Jakarta that will make you have the second bowl after you get the first. Here are some other dishes that are also considered authentic cuisine in Jakarta:

  1. Gado-gado
  2. Ketoprak
  3. Otak-otak
  4. Asinan Betawi
  5. Roti Buaya
  6. Laksa

Interesting Places


The best place to know a country and the city's cultural history is by visiting its museums. It also a fantastic way to dive into your imagination when seeing some historical evidence. The long history of Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has also brought this place as a witness of many great events including Indonesia's development until today. 

Here are some Museums in the heart of Jakarta that worth to visit:
  1. National Museum (Monas)
  2. National History Museum
  3. National Gallery
  4. Bank Indonesia Museum
  5. Bank Mandiri Museum
  6. Wayang Museum
  7. Textile Museum
  8. Maritime Museum
  9. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Or you can go by this Musem Map I created in Google:
Jakarta Museum Map:

Please note that all museums are closed every Monday, and most of them are open only until 5 PM. So better check the Museum opening hours before visiting them. The best time to visit museums is on weekdays, as they get crowded during the weekend.

Recreational Park

When you are traveling with family or couple with your loved ones, try visiting theme parks in Jakarta. There are many theme parks that Jakarta can offer you, starting from a Ragunan Zoo which sprawls over 185 Ha of land and stocked almost over 3,600 animal and botanical species, until the great amusement park "Dufan" or Dunia Fantasi which is like the little Disneyland of Indonesia. 

Dufan-things to do in Jakarta

Nightlife In Jakarta

There are a lot of places to go after dark in Jakarta, so many places that it can be confusing even for local residents. To make it easier, I divided into two large areas; South Jakarta and North Jakarta.

nightlife-things to do in Jakarta

In general, South Jakarta tends to have a modernist style so it is mostly influenced by their visitors that having a normal and upmarket nightlife. North Jakarta is like the periphery area which tends to has a little naughty nightlife.

These are the most happening neighborhood in Jakarta:
SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District)
Mega Kuningan
Jalan Jaksa/Menteng
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Blok M
Melawai and Grand Wijaya

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