The Most Remote And Small Island In Indonesia

smalles island in indonesia

Indonesia consist of many islands stretched from west to east that is best known from Sabang to Merauke. Even we have a song to it. And from the North is Miangas island to the South is Rote island.

But don’t you know that there is approximately 111 outermost Island in Indonesia which is not all of them are exposed due to accessibility reasons. That is why those remote Islands are not touristy enough and definitely less well known.

When we heard a remote island, what is the first thing comes in mind?. Yes, that untouched area from the public has beautiful panoramas.

Here we have the most remote and small islands in Indonesia that worth to check:

1. Alor Island

smallest island in indonesia

The area is divided into small Islands, for traveling between these Islands you want to take a little boat. Getting there will require a whole lot of struggle because this Island didn’t have scheduled flight. And it can be canceled anytime due to bad weather. But as soon as you get there all of your battles will be paid off.

Eastern Indonesia’s beauty is endless. In addition to Labuan Bajo & Raja Ampat that has recently risen, there is Alor that has its own beauty. This Island Is Situated alongside Lembata and Flores.

Its existence is exactly like a retainer for NTT province. Fish & seaweed are the main commodities. The Island has a landscape that is very beautiful. The shores are virgin, the sand is white, and some said that the underwater splendor of Alor outclasses the one in the Caribbean.

The island of Alor itself is inhabited by lots of all Flores sub-ethnic bands who preserve their means of everyday life. The exceptional civilization of this Alorese are most useful observed among the Takpala native team who dwell in the village of Lembur Barat, northcentral Alor. The Takpala nevertheless preserves the conventional housing structure that looks like a pyramid, covered with walnut partitions that are plaited coconut leaves, and also four hardwood pillars.

2. Kisar Island

smalles island in indonesia

It is said from locals that Kiasar was the original name of this island.

Kiasar is the name of a beach located on the south coast of the island that has 7 wells of freshwater. This area is considered sacred to them. We don’t know how it changes to be Kisar, probably its the popular name.

Kisar island itself is located within the Wetar Strait edges with Timor Leste. Administratively, Kisar is a part of Maluku Province, of Southwest Maluku Regency. Like nearly all Indonesian Islands, your view will be bewitched by its own panoramic view of white & sea sand.

This island is so fertile as you will not find yourself hard to find food supplies. A lot of vegetables and fruits are supplied on their very own farm. Even their main commodity is lemon which also made as a gift.

Surrounded by the hills in a specific order, Kisar Island got itself a nickname “Jewel Land”. To reach this Island, you can fly by using aircraft model CASA 212 of 18 person capacity. The local Airport there has a short runway, around 800 meters which is enough for small aircraft only.

3. Rondo Island

the smallest island in indonesia

Rondo Island is another remote island of Indonesia, it is situated from the Indian Ocean and adjacent into the territory of India, the Nicobar Islands. Rondo island would be the northernmost land of the Republic of Indonesia and is administratively a part of the town of Sabang, Aceh province.

This island is one among little islands in Sabang regency location together with Klah, Rubiah, Seulako along with Weh Island. Rondo Island is located close to the north of Weh island.

Rondo Island gets its nicknamed as “Guardian of Indonesia” since its located at the frontier regions of Republic Indonesia and became an International shipping line. However, due to limited access, most activity is now being moved to Sabang Island.

The beauty comes with their wild of nature. There are many species of snakes living on this exotic island. Even so, the horror was not comparable to its splendor of panorama. It’s like being on a private sea if you were on the spot.

4. Jemur Island

the smallest island in indonesia

Jemur Island is located in Strait of Malacca, approximately 64 Km from Capital of Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province. And about 72.4 km from Port Klang, Malaysia.

The term Jemur is named for several small islands which consist of Pulau Tekong Emas, Pulau Tekong Simbang, Pulau Labuhan Bilik, and some other small islands.

Some also said that the name Jemur Island is associated with “Turtle From The North”. Maybe because they gathered like a turtle on the beach.

The charming rocks view like we found in Belitung can also be found here. Plus we have beautiful ocean views and the quiet place is perfect to be a contemplating venue.

Speaking about turtles, it’s not a coincidence that they also found this area as an ideal spot to lay eggs. Usually, they will stay for 21 days at the shore before going back to the ocean. If you have happened to witness this phenomenon, Congratulations!, it’s a rare opportunity to be able to see this circle of life at the location_considering that they also an endangered species.

5. Liran Island

the smallest island in indonesia


Liran Island is situated adjacent to Timor Leste, appear in the background is the larger

Wetar Island. It is located in the Wetar Strait, a part of the Southwest Maluku Regency, Maluku Province. There is a border monument to mark a boundary between these two countries. The monument is located on a hill, on the west side of the Island.

Like other outer remote Islands, Liran also has a charming panorama. There’s a lighthouse that makes the scenery seem dramatic. The sea is blue like no one has ever touched.

6. Dolangan Island


Dolangan Island, which is located in the Sulawesi Sea, has become the border between 3 countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The area is registered as part of the Toli – Toli Regency, Central Sulawesi.

This Island stands out for its coral reef, it considered has a very good growth rate at 70 percent. In addition, many interesting and colorful fish species live in this area. Truly a paradise for Diving lovers.

There are not many references about this island since it also serves as a shelter for natural species living underwater. The most often seen animal when you are visiting this place is “dugong dugon” or a medium-sized marine mammal. It is one of four living species of the order Sirenia, which also includes three species of manatees.

7. Berhala Island

This outermost Island in Malacca Strait are classified as part of North Sumatera. The area is in Tanjung Beringin District, Serdang Bedagai Regency.

There are strict rules if you visiting this Berhala Island, you must get a pass permit and hand over any sharp item that you carry. Strictly no alcohol drinks allowed.

Turtles are one of the most inhabitant that lives around the waters. The others are lizards and deers. Also, varieties of fish and coral live freely under the sea, waiting for the diver to interact with these sea dwellers.

The Island has an area of approximately 2.5 square kilometers with contours of highland and dense forests. When you see the island from above, it is like a green-coconut shell faced down in the water.